Music for Babies & Tots

Music for Babies  (0-12 mos.)

This class is specifically designed to help with the sensory development of baby.  The class will feature visually stimulating art and props as we sing, move, and play!  The 30 minute program is followed by coffee time (on us!) to get to know one another and provide time for nursing and nappy changing!


Music for Tots (12-36 mos.)

Squeak, Rattle, and Roll! In this class we will be exploring the world we live in through music. Games using role play, mime, and story-telling with familiar objects will help toddlers build global associations and develop social and kinesthetic awareness.  Have a coffee on us while the little ones have an opportunity to play following this invigorating, fun class.



paypal-paynowAll classes will be offered at our brand new studio located in the heart of the Junction Triangle.

158 Symington Avenue



      Hello Kendell,

      Thanks for taking the time to look at the Music for Babies & Tots classes. I am really looking forward to sharing my passion for music with all these little ones (and the parents too!)

      Yes, the classes will run for 12 weeks starting with the baby (0-12 mos.) on October 1st. The first tot class will start October 3rd, on a thursday. I definitely hope to meet you and your baby in a few weeks! 😉

      Best wishes,


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