School Outreach Performances

Committed to bringing live, innovative shows to school children in rural and urban centres.

We recently had the pleasure of experiencing a music show presented by the french horn player Olivia [Esther]We learned the what, how and where of sound and had a lot of fun doing it! We even had a chance to perform with her!”  – McAdam Elementary, 2011


March 28 – April 9, 2011
In the Spring of 2011, Viva Arts toured Fredericton District 18 School board visiting 12 elementary and middle schools in the Fredericton area. We even travelled as far as New Bandon, New Brunswick.


The Bremen Town Musicians has been adapted and set to the music of Baroque composer, Henry Purcell, as a means of introducing a young audience to the four major sections of an o

rchestra-Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion.   Purcell’s music is beautifully intertwined to “walk” the characters and the audience through the story.  As an animal is added to the travelling group, the theme recurs but with a variation that mimics the characteristics of the newest character.

Much like Sergei Prokofiev’s story of “Peter and the Wolf”, each character is given a musical theme.  The performers will introduce their instrument, ‘character’ and theme to the audience.  As the story is being told, the audience will be able to recognise the four themes and hear how the music fits together, just as the characters learn to work together.

The show is written for violin (cat), bassoon (rooster), horn (donkey) and percussion (dog) – 4 very different instruments!   As the companions travel together they discover that although they differ from one another, each one brings a unique and musical gift to the group!  When danger gets in their way, they learn that if they work together using their unique gifts, then the most amazing things can be achieved-even if the end result isn’t the most beautiful sound ever made!


The Science of Sound
An Interactive Show for Solo French Horn and School Children

We are surrounded by sound. Sounds are often undetected or unnoticed throughout the day. Some sounds are identified as noise, others, as music. Whether or not we choose to stop and listen, sound is constant.

The Science of Sound is a 40 minute show designed to explore and teach children about the what, how, where and why of sound. The show has been divided into two parts to help the student understand scientifically and conceptually the role sound has in music and also in their everyday lives.

The first part explores the science of what makes up sound and how it is produced by showing the inner workings of playing the French horn. Questions such as, “How long is a French horn?” to “how high and low can the horn go?” are answered in visually fun and stimulating ways. In this segment, and with the help of audience participation, I will be using garden hoses, glass tumblers and other tools to demonstrate the science behind this wonderful instrument.
The second part is devoted to the concept of sound in music. In this segment, the goal is to encourage the students to ‘think outside the box’ by asking them, “What is sound?” , “What is music?” and, “Is all sound music”?

The end of the show will feature an original composition called Concerto for Horn and Audience* which will allow the students the unique opportunity of creating and performing a piece of music.

*World premiere performance in New Brunswick 2011